06 Jul 2020  

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KØBENHAVN: Demo: I Can't Breathe


KØBENHAVN: Demo: I Can't Breathe

Black Lives Matter Denmark indkalder til demonstration foran USA's ambassade, Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24, klokken 14. Herfra bevæger demonstrationen sig til Christiansborg for at få politikerne til at tale imod politibrutalitet og racisme hos Danmarks nære allierede og tage skridt til at fjerne den systematiske racisme i Danmark.

07 jun 2020


I Can't Breathe DEMO - Sunday 7th June 14-16

SAY HIS NAME: “George Floyd”

Yes! This time George Floyd. Recently Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade.

A Black man. A brother, a friend, a boyfriend and partner, a son was murdered and lynched in cold blood and arrogantly choked to death on camera. He begged for life and finally called for his mama in agony to no avail. The world has watched as his precious life slipped away.

Chauvin and 4 other policemen of the Minneapolis Police Department in the USA stole his life and ended it abruptly.

Sunday 7th of June, 2020, Copenhagen Denmark shall take to the streets and march in protest at the United States Embassy and walking towards Christiansborg to demand the Danish government to speak up against the brutality and murders by their close ally and take measures to root out systematic racism in Denmark and the USA.

Denmarks silence is deafening!

2020. The theft, enslavement and noose lynchings of Black Americans have been replaced by systematic and state sanctioned police brutality and murders and civilian “Stand Your Ground” lynchings and murders. A justice system built to oppress minorities.

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and all the other victims lives DO matter and we demand every human being no matter their skin color feel safe and not threatened.

We demand the racist serial murders to stop.


Due to covid-19 we argue the demonstrators to follow the government guidelines of social distancing, avoid hugging and wear masks if necessary, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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